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Contact Information

 Name        : Takaaki Hashimoto
 E-mail      : hasimoto@u-fukui.ac.jp
 Affiliation : Department of Applied Physics,
               Faculty of Engineering, University of Fukui
 Address     : Bunkyo 3-9-1, Fukui 910-8507, Japan
 Office      : S205B, Faculty Buliding No.4
 Tel         : +81-776-27-8666
 Fax         : +81-776-27-8750


Research Field

 Field     : Physics
 Society   : Japan Physical Society
 Research  : Stochastic Quantum Filed Theory and Quantum Information
 Expertise : Wigner function and phase point operator, Their properties and symmetries,
             Quantum stochastic process on non-commutative geometry

Publications (PDF)

Courses and Seminar

 (Undergraduate Course)
 Analytical dynamics
 Mathematics in physics (exercise)
 Applied mathematics II
 (Graduate Course)
 Advanced mathematics in physics
 Particle Physics